This department is responsible for ensuring the welfare of our members and visitors.

They work closely with the protocol department to cater for the welfare of our Pastors and Guest Ministers. They also cater for meetings and other events in church, where refreshments are required. They ensure dietary requirements are built into menus and that all refreshments are prepared in a clean and hygienic manner.

This team is responsible for responding to the day to day queries of our members and visitors. This could range from finding out how to book an appointment with the pastorate to when the next event is due. They keep themselves fully informed of what is happening in order to assist others with necessary information when called upon.

The IS team is also responsible for displaying church related materials such as, update cards, etc, they endeavor to make visible information that may be useful to the congregation.

The intercessory department constantly communicates and petitions God on behalf of the pastorate and entire brethren within the church. They lead LFC in making supplication to God for the church, community, country and the world at large. They lead events such as the LFC intercessory prayer sessions, prayer vigils, 24 hour prayer, and prayer and fasting sessions.

Ministry operations is responsible for overseeing all aspects of services in LFC. It is an operational department that oversees the activities of all other departments and ensures everything is running smoothly.


Living Faith Connections is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Barking Essex, UK, registered as a Charity (1103581) in England.

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