Prayer Points

Prayer Points

RCCG 40 Day Fast

  1. Thank you Lord for all you have done in our lives, in our homes, in His Church, in our nation. 1 Chron 16: 8-9
  2. Thank you Lord for all your provisions to us as individuals, as families and as a church. Deut 8:10
  3. Thank you Lord for our salvation and for our heavenly inheritance. Col 1:12
  4. Thank you Lord for forgiving us our sins Ps 103: 3
  1. Father God, please make this year a year of rest for me and my family in Jesus name. 1Kings 5:4, 2 Chron 14:7
  2. O Lord, in your mercy, release me from every judgement that I deserve in Jesus name. Ps 25: 7, Ps 94: 18; Ps 145: 8
  3. O Lord, in this year of release, please set me and my family free from every form of bondage -‐ spiritual, physical, financial and emotional in Jesus name. Ex 2: 23,- 25; Ex 20: 2; Is 1: 27
  1. Lord, establish the Tabernacle of David as a place of true worship; bring men and women from all the nations of the earth to worship you and to hear and obey your Word. Is 2: 2-3
  2. Lord, send us revival and let it start with me. Ps 51: 12-13 
  3. O Lord, bring back to life everything in us that is dead. Ps 85: 6, Ezek 37: 9-10
  4. Lord, let there be a fresh outpouring of your Spirit upon us in TODAY. Is 32:15.


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