- Sis M. E.

I just want to thank God for favour and good health. In December, I had a call from my son’s school that he was convulsing so we went to AE. From that week we have been sick but I want to thank God that we are all okay now and we had a wonderful Christmas.

- Bro A. A.

God has been wonderful to me. He has brought me from nothing to something. I left my parents at a very young age but God has provided for me and given me a wonderful talent, and today God added another year to my life .I just want to say His mercy endures forever.

- Sis T. M.

I just want to thank God for life. I want to thank God on behalf of my sister. Her daughter was kidnapped but was found. Regardless of what happens, please let us not take His grace for granted.

- Sis B. O.

I want to thank God for the life of my sister. My sister was here on holiday with her children and one of the children had a dream. I told pastor Abi about the dream and took my niece to narrate the dream to both Pastor Chris and Pastor Abi. Both Pastors were praying some serious prayer points that I didn’t understand the reason for them but I later had the understanding of the prayer points before the end of the prayer session.


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