- Bro E. E.

I want to thank God because next week, my wife and I are going to be 3 years in marriage. Since our marriage in Nigeria, I have been trying to come and join my wife here in the UK but for reasons unknown to us, it has not been possible. I said to my wife, if God answers our prayer with regards to my coming to the UK that I will come to give a testimony in the church.

- Sis R. I.

I had an attack of ulcer during the women’s retreat at Ashburnham and I told Pastor Abi. She prayed for me and the Lord did a miracle during the retreat and the ulcer disappeared.

I also want to thank God for revealing things to me in my dream. I informed my children that I was going on a journey because there was a bereavement in my family, but my children disagreed with my decision. 

- Sis N. B.

The devil has been trying to get me and disturb my peace, so he decided to attack at my work place. My boss has been giving me trouble since I went back to work from maternity leave. On one occasion I had to go and pick up my daughter from the nursery because she was not feeling well, and my boss told me that if I went, I would be walking out of my job. Various people, including colleagues, advised me to report her to HR.

- Sis D. B.

In January, I was leaving church after Bible studies and a sister asked me for a lift. That Wednesday the topic was angels, and we were asked what if we understand who angels are. I dropped the sister off and on my way back, a car came from no where and almost collided with mine.


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