About LFC

lfcLiving Faith Connections is a purpose-driven church, a beacon of hope and a lighthouse to a needy world. We believe that we have been sent to bring the gospel with its attendant message and assurance of comfort, victory and hope, to people.

Our strong desire is to seek God and walk in His purpose; this is reflected in our services through worship, praise, prayer and acts of service.
In our services, we come together as one irrespective of our social, cultural or racial background to celebrate in the presence of God with electrifying music and soul-stirring messages.

We are a church that strongly believes in the power of prayer and the supremacy of the Word. Lives have been transformed and people have seen the hand of God move strongly in their lives.

LFC is a place of testimonies where the impossible becomes possible.

Church Life
At LFC we believe that church is not just a place where we come to worship but a community where people thrive. We believe church to be a place where people meet friends, business associates, acquire new skills and enhance each other’s lives; it is a place where destinies are fulfilled. Therefore structures have been put in place to enhance our church experience via ministries and church departments.

We have ministries which oversee the activities of the main groups represented in church. The ministries organise events which cater for the needs of Living Faith Connection Family Members (LFCFMs). These events are varied and could be social, educational, spiritual or all encompassing depending on the prevailing requirements of the ministry. The events are generally aimed at enhancing spiritual growth, team working, togetherness and agape love among members.

Our History
Living Faith Connections is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). It was planted in February 2000 by its mother church, Royal Connections. Initially services were held at Newham Town hall in East Ham, then Nelson Primary School, also in East Ham. From Nelson Primary School the church moved to Ripple Hall, then to its current location on Thames road, Barking.
Since moving to Barking, the church has experienced exponential growth in every dimension.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to praying for our members, the society, all nations and the body of Christ
  • We are committed to teaching the undiluted WORD OF GOD
  • We are committed to teaching the will of God, for people to understand their God-given talent/potential, nurture it and apply it to everyday living
  • We will foster healthy marriages and strong family values via our Men, Women, Singles, Youth & Children Ministries
  • We will offer a warm atmosphere of Worship and Fellowship
  • Our mission is to build a strong outreach ministry; reaching out to the community and nations
  • We are building LFC to be a church that is not the “norm”, but a church moving daily by the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • We are committed to the Spirit of excellence. We believe “only the best is good for our God”


Joining Us
If you would like to become an LFCFM simply fill in the card handed to you on your first visit and tick the ‘joining’ box, which indicates your interest to be part of us. Some people might decide to join on their first visit; others might make up their mind after attending a few times. Whatever the case, it is important you inform the church of your decision to join so we can have you on our records. You can do so by filling a form at the church reception or informing the church’s administrative staff.


Living Faith Connections is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Barking Essex, UK, registered as a Charity (1103581) in England.

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Worship Place

Goresbook School
Cook Road,
Dagenham, London.
RM9 6XW (By Vue Cinema)


+44 (0) 208 591 0022

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