At Living Faith Connections, we have a unique blend of distinctive conferences and special events that draw us closer to God, build us up as individuals and as a church, and transform destinies.

Multicultural Day:
Is a colourful and vivacious event that celebrates the diversity of cultures, tribes and backgrounds in LFC. On Multicultural Day all members are encouraged to dress in outfits that reflect their culture or any culture they wish to represent. It is a time we express our praise and thanksgiving to God in various languages and celebrate the individual traits that make us unique.

Sports & Fun Day:
Is a day set aside during the summer for relaxation, where all members of the church with their friends, families and other invited guests come together as one big family to enjoy, play various sports, treat ourselves to a barbecue and a range of refreshments and have lots of fun in a serene environment.

Friends Day:
Is a day that we appreciate and pay tribute to the individuals in our lives that have been a blessing to us and made an impact in our lives.

Jeans Day:
On jeans day, we all come dressed in jeans or in a casual dress code. A special collection is taken during the service, and everyone is encouraged to contribute to a designated charity.

Hallelujah Night:
Hallelujah night is our Christian substitute for Halloween. It is a night where our children come together to sing, dance and have a wonderful time of entertainment in God’s presence. Most importantly, we take time to pray fervently for our children, anoint them and speak Words into their lives.

The Winter Conference is the final conference in the year. It is a unique time of teaching, prayer, prophecy and deliverance. Many lives have been touched and transformed over the years through the ministrations at the Winter Conference. Year after year, the conference continues to go from strength to strength.

The (WOP) conference is an exclusive event that attracts a large network of women (and men) from all walks of life. Each session is unique and administers to the spirit, soul and bodies of those present. Distinguished guest speakers deal with real-life issues that affect families, singles, men and women in a relaxed, fun environment.  The renowned women-only breakfast meeting is a major highlight of the conference. It includes a breakfast session, skills-building workshops and breakout sessions. It is a conference that has brought transformation, healing and deliverance to many lives.

The Master’s Table (TMT) is our flagship conference of the year. It is always a seminal moment in the calendar of the church every year, as powerfully anointed ministers of the gospel with distinct callings impart words of wisdom and make declarations that usher in a floodgate of manifestations, miracles and outstanding testimonies. The conference usually starts on a Wednesday through to Sunday. Each day is packed full of teaching, music ministrations, seminars and special presentations.  TMT is a truly life-changing event that has impacted the lives of attendees over the years. (More information and pictures from previous TMT are available at


Living Faith Connections is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Barking Essex, UK, registered as a Charity (1103581) in England.

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