The Welcome Reception Department is always at hand at services to ensure that members are given a warm welcome when they come to church. After the service, team members available coordinate a reception for those that are visiting or joining the church. They create an atmosphere to let them know we appreciate their visit to our church and appreciate a return if they do not have a permanent place of worship or when ever they are in town, for those who have visited from afar.

They work in collaboration with the Event Management Team to plan and organize the Welcome Reception "get together" at the time scheduled on the church calendar.

The ushering department is responsible for ushering members of the congregation into designated areas assigned for them. They are usually very alert and strategically placed around the aisles during church services to ensure they attend to the needs of the congregation effectively and efficiently with very minimal disruption to the service.

This is the group that shows kindness in welcoming members and guests to church. The ushers are charged with maintaining orderliness in services and keeping the Church in a decent and presentable condition.

The LFC Website and Publications department is made up of a dynamic and versatile team set up to use the medium of the internet and publications to make LFC known to the world.

Members of this team support the pastorate in their duty to ensure that people who seek to know about the ministry can easily access this information via the internet. They work in collaboration with other departments within the church to ensure that the website and church publications are up to date and have the relevant information that will be of help to the public.

This team focuses on the quality of documentation in form of images recorded for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel. This unit embraces the camera crew and all audio visual technical inputs as deemed worthy for the kingdom.


Living Faith Connections is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Barking Essex, UK, registered as a Charity (1103581) in England.

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