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Sometimes you may feel like your job search is a complete waste of time and effort. Employers are simply tossing your application into a waste bin.
Statistics show that for every one job advertised, hundreds of applicants are applying. Given the current economic climate, competition is stiff; therefore employers can easily cherry pick candidates.

Therefore you need to be marketable in order stand out from the crowd.

How do get yourself noticed?

Work for Free
One of the downsides of the current economic recession is that too many people are chasing too few jobs. Therefore, if you want to get your foot in the door, you need to put yourself out there. In other words, volunteer, take up an internship or sign up with an agency. Not only will you gain valuable experience, knowledge and spice up your CV, it could lead to permanent, full-time employment.

Further your education
There are many institutions that offer distance education classes for your busy schedule. However, do weigh the cost to see if the degree will bring any value to the marketplace, as higher education can be expensive. There is also certification in almost every field such as accounting, law and catering. This helps to distinguish you from other candidates who you will be competing against.

Develop transferrable skills
Learning a new skill has proven to be valuable and it can lead to appointment or a job promotion. Improve your communication and technical skills as this is beneficial. Make your resume more outstanding by becoming skilled in Microsoft applications such as word and excel and database management. The more outstanding your resume is the more desirable you are to an employer.

Interview skills
More employers are using telephone interviews to sift through potential candidate. If successful, this is the first step to securing a face to face interview. Do remember that at an interview it is important to dress smart i.e. wear a suit, be attentive, energetic and also passionate. Don’t cut the interviewer off but be proactive and equipped with answers. Also, research the company and make a list of questions about the job that you would like to ask the interviewer.

Join Interest groups
Meeting people face to face can be an interesting way to network and also a way of learning as well as gaining information that can guide you to your chosen career. is one of the world’s largest network groups. You can join by signing up to there website and there you can sign up to different interest group around the country. Through these meet up you can learn new tricks and increase your social network.

Learn a new language
Taking up a new language can give you that extra edge over other applicants. The number of career that requires a foreign language is increasing every day. Employers are now interested in employee that have a foreign language for examples in field such as education, social work and advertising. There are different ways in which you can learn a new language for example you can teach yourself, visit foreign sites that offer lessons or take up a foreign language class.

Be confident
If you know your subject matter inside out and upside down, backward and forward. Give employers every reason to hire you.

Determination is the key to success. There are times when things fail, but you should never give up. If it doesn’t work, you can try again.


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