FRESH ministry oversees the welfare of the children in Church. They provide Christian spiritual guidance to children in LFC, so that they can grow to become what God wants them to be and fulfill their destinies in Christ Jesus. The Children's ministry is spread across 3 classes with trained teachers to oversee their welfare.

What We Do

  • We work towards training children on the Proverbs 22:6 principle
  • We strive to teach children fundamental biblical principles
  • We train children to evangelize through choreography, dance and plays
  • We tailor teaching to the needs of children, making it relevant to their age and understanding
  • We teach children to live daily lives principles laid down in the word of God

Where we are
We are situated at the Altar, 23 Thames Road and have our services at the same time as the main services every Sunday. We also meet at other times for practices in preparation for church events.

Our Vision

  • To support parents in raising children who are God fearing and contributing positively to our society
  • To instill confidence in our children to discover, embrace and utilize their gifts and talents in God's service
  • To encourage children to live holy lives and learn to be obedient to the word of God, respectful to their parents and be law abiding
  • To teach children the importance of evangelism and to participate in this through drama, dance, singing and choreography

The FRESH Ministry supports the pastorate in the planning and running of the children's summer school. The summer school is run during the summer and packed with sun filled activities such as visits to parks, cinema, swimming pool etc.


Living Faith Connections is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Barking Essex, UK, registered as a Charity (1103581) in England.

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Worship Place

Goresbook School
Cook Road,
Dagenham, London.
RM9 6XW (By Vue Cinema)


+44 (0) 208 591 0022

+44 (0) 7484526727

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